Days 14-21 (sorry, I’ve kinda fallen behind) 

I’m gona start off by saying sorry, I’ve been putting off writing down the days for too long, so I thought this morning I would type them all up!:) 

Day 14- so we had gotten a text the other day from the ATV company saying that they wanted us to come in, so that they could do a break check and make sure everything is working properly every 2 weeks or so… This meant driving the absolutely terrible road to Guiones, so Chloe and I decided to make a day of it! We had been into Guiones twice before, once to pick up the quad and the second time while out in service, and had seen all the adorable boutiques and wanted to come back! So today we walked and shopped around while they ATV was being worked on. Guiones is definitely more developed and touristy than Samara is… And I kinda like it… A lot! It’s kinda similar to Kona in certain aspects! Another thing that was awesome about today, was the fact that we are lunch at a bagel shop!!!! Back home, I eat bagels all the time! They are probably in my top ten list of favorite foods, however finding bagels down here is impossible… Or at least we thought! I was so happy to eat the amazing bagel sandwich I ordered! After lunch and a little bit more of shopping, we picked up the quad, and made our way back on the horrible road to our condo, got ready, and went to meeting!!!:)  

Day 15- We went done to Guiones again today for service. I got to work with Lura and the 3 or the 5 Mendez’s for the morning, and Shandi and Laura in the afternoon! The road down to Guiones seems to get worse and worse every time we go down there! That evening we went over to Matt and Jens and played games with another family visiting from Canada that were staying in this complex as well!:) 

Day 16- Was a really great day! We started it off by sleeping in, and then getting up and heading to a restaurant on the beach and relaxing on the lifeguard stand turned table for a few hours! After we finished up at Gusto’s we headed to the beach for a congregation, sunset beach bonfire down at Barrigona! Mike and Lura were so kind and wanted to provide dinner for us, so they cooked it up on the fire, and we are under the beautiful stars! We ended the evening by swimming in the pool with everyone who is living and or staying in the complex here (which is like half the congregation, hahaha jk)…. And Laura who ended up staying the night:) 

Day 17- We went out in service this morning, down in Guiones. I don’t know for sure, but it seems like the congregation is completing our territories fairly fast! It’s really nice to see!! After we ended service, we stopped for lunch at this amazing Mexican restaurant called El Chivo, and made our way back to the complex! After taking a dip in the pool, we headed over to the Luellen’s for a hard cider 101 class, legit Tokoyo style ramen, and Temors staring Kevin Bacon evening! 


Day 18- We woke up, and went on a hike with Laura to the top of a ridge overlooking Buena Vista. It was quite the hike… Straight up a steep hill, with loose gravel, grabbing on to trees and vines to make our way up, but when we got to the top the view was incredible! We took a dip in the water, and went home to get ready for the Zone visit that the congregation was tying into that evening!:) On our way home, our quad started acting up, and kept dying on us… Come to find out, we think someone or something in our gas tank, causing the main fuel line to be clogged! However we were able to find that it worked on reserve so we made it to the zone visit ok! The zone visit was so encouraging and informative, that it was a privilege for Chloe and I to be there for it! We then went out with a few couples and families from the hall for food and drinks after, which was also really fun!:) 

Day 19- We woke up excited, because we had a scheduled zip lining tour! It was awesome! But definitely “Costa Rican” and kinda sketchy… But that just added to the fun! You weren’t sure if you were going to fall through the 15 wooden boards that made up the landing and launching platform! After we finished with the zip lining tour, we them had to drive all the way down to Guiones, to exchange out our quad, and we now have a quad that’s running well!!:) 

Day 20- Tuesday, was another service day! We ended up working with Brother Henderson, the COBE of the hall, in downtown Samara for the tract campaign! It was fun and interesting to learn about Costa Rica, and to talk to him about his favorite activity… Surfing! It was such a hot day out, that we decided to go down to Buena Vista beach, with Laura, Owen, and a sister visiting from Washington named Clarissa. Since the quad was the only form of transportation for all of us, we decided to park at Laura’s and walk down, being that it wasn’t to far!  After having fun, playing in the shore break,we made the walk back home… Only to get back to Laura’s place and realize I left the keys at the beach, and the sun was setting… Luckily Melissa came to the rescue and drive me down to the beach, were the keys still happened to be in the spot I left them!!! 

Day 21- Was a lazy morning for us, since we had to wait around for Francesca to come by and clean. After she left, we got ready and headed into town to grab some groceries! When we came back, Kyla came over and watched Tangled so that Melissa could get a break to write her talk!:) I ended up subbing in for Melissa householder last night, which was awesome, and slightly nerve racking! But it’s definitely not something I’ll forget about our trip to Costa Rica!   

Days 14-21 (sorry, I’ve kinda fallen behind) 

Getting Used To Some Things! 

Some people have asked me what it’s like being in a 3rd world country… However I definitely wouldn’t classify Costa Rica as third world… Where we are, there is a large touristy industry, so we have a lot of the same things as back home, however there are still a few things that took some getting used to! 

It’s kinda gross… But the toilets- the plumbing down here is not like that in America… There’s a trash can on the side of the toilet… And your not allowed to flush your TP….

Wifi-  it’s super spotty, and goes out at the drop of a hat… But hey! At least we have wifi! 

Power- the power outages here are crazy! It happens multiple times a day, sometimes they are short, sometimes they last a while! 

The roads- the main road once you get into Samara is a little better… But the majority of our roads here are gravel roads that are super dusty and bumpy! It’s kinda fun… And kinda not, hahaha

Groceries- there are certain items that are staples in my house… That they don’t carry down here…. Or they do and are horribly overpriced or a mystery as to what they really are… cheese is either nasty… Or $20 for a block… And lunch meat… You only buy it in San Jose, because otherwise you don’t know what meat it actually is!

The heat- it is so hot here! At first your self conscious about it… And then you realize everyone is sweating as much as you… You find yourself taking 2-3 showers a day! 

The tap water- drinking the tap water here is perfectly fine! And it saves you a ton of money! However getting used to it took a little bit… The tap water here has a lot of salt in it (probably because we are close to the ocean) you’ll fun salt crystals built up at the top of your water bottle and on you ice trays… However I really don’t taste a difference anymore, although when I head back home I’m sure I’ll be ale to tell the difference! 

I’m sure there’s a few more things that I’m forgetting… But all in all we are totally used to it now! It doesn’t really phase us anymore, which is really nice!    

Getting Used To Some Things! 

Memorial Campaign and Service with the Grogan’s and Samson (The Toyota Land Crusier) 

We have been put in field service groups with the Grogans a few times already since we’ve been here… And it doesn’t bother us one bit! First off the Grogans are an amazing (super fun) family that just moved down here from Florida, and will be here for a few years… Second off we get to ride in Samson… The most amazing vehicle ever!!!!

(Luke is in the car, standing outside is a sister visiting from New York, and up top is Laura a super awesome sister that loves down here, and little firecracker Kyla! … And of course Chloe and I) 

Melissa even lets us ride on top of the car sometimes! 

Memorial Campaign and Service with the Grogan’s and Samson (The Toyota Land Crusier) 

The Past Few Days

It’s been a few days since I updated the site so I thought I would let you guys know what we’ve been up to down here!:) 

Day 10- So I left off writing on this day… We ended up going to get pizza (thanks Jehovah because we’ve been eating beans and rice for a while now) with a bunch of witnesses from the area! After dinner we were headed to feed the crocs, and me and Chloe got to ride in the back of the bamba (I don’t remember the exact name!) truck, and it was awesome to ride the bumpy curvy roads at night (sorry mom…) We finally got to the bridge to feed the crocs. After pounding on the bridge and dipping the chicken tied to a string in the water, a croc showed up… (Apparently there’s usually a lot more) and hung out feeding and fighting the slightly lazy croc for a few hours, and then made our way home. 

Day 11- Today was meeting, so we woke up and study for the afternoon, and went to meeting! That evening we went over to Rene and Stephs (the couple from Maine) place being that they were leaving Tuesday:( we had a bunch of fun playing cards and charades! So nice to have met this awesome couple on our journey down here!  As we were playing cards… Chloe looked out and saw our gate keeper walking out of the gate with what looked to be a snake hanging off of a stick… So we went out to see… Apparently he just killed it since it was inside the complex… And it happened to be a pit viper… Kinda scary, but pretty cool too! 

Day 12- We woke up early this morning, and went horseback riding! Austin had scheduled us and Cody and Priscilla this super cheap tour that took us to the beaches and through mountain trails! The best part of our tour was when Cody and I (we had the fastest/most advanced horses) took of galloping down the extremely long beach on our horses! We went up and down the beach multiple times, running those horses as fast as they would go! After our horseback riding adventure, we stopped (at what has become my new favorite spot on Playa Samara) and got burgers and drinks right on the beach! And it was the perfect end to an awesome day! 

Day 13- Since it was (and still is) Tuesday, we got up and went in service! It was a fun day with some awesome sisters, driving around in Samson! Service here is not that much different than back home… You find ones that are interested and open minded, but you also face apathy from householders! I guess it’s just the world we live in nowadays… 

The Past Few Days